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Growth Finance Finance Finance 2.0

Grow faster and raise more money with growth metrics and keep your business humming. Calqulate is a unique combination of growth metrics, financial reporting and cashflow forecasting so that you know when to scale.

A compass to grow your business safely

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Painless Financial Reporting

Investor Reporting@2x

Get your investors onboard

We calculate all the KPI’s your investors are looking for, including MRR growth, CAC payback time and LTV.

Turn the task of investor reporting and fundraising into an opportunity for mentorship, learning and growth.

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Daily Cash Balance@2x

Stop stressing about your cash runway

Our transparent financial models are custom built to fit the needs of high growth SaaS startups.


Optimize your growth by forecasting with accuracy your future cash balances. Have the foresight to change if things don't go as planned.

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Financial clarity at a glance

Calqulate automates your financial forecasting for an accurate overview of your financial health in the coming months. Use CRM data and sales forecasts together with your accounting and subscription software to predict your cashflow.

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MRR@2x (5)

Turn your data sources into growth metrics

With over 100 integrations available, we connect all your data sources, without the hidden mistakes in complex formulas. Get all the metrics and KPIs that matter to subscription businesses. MRR, LTV to CAC ratio, retention and more.

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Total CAC breakdown@3x-1

Know how much a customer really costs

Lean on Calqulate’s comprehensive unit economics analysis for an overview of your Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value. Our automated forecasting gives you insights on when, where, and how to invest in your growth.

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Average Revenue per Account@3x

Consolidate your subscriptions from any source

Do you use Quickbooks + Stripe to bill your customers? Or Xero + Chargebee? We consolidate all your financial data and create Saas metrics and subscription data from both offline and online billing. 

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Become a growth metrics expert

Want to learn more about growth metrics? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a growth metrics expert.


Quadruple your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) without raising money after your seed round.

Learn how to 4x your MRR without raising capital

The SaaS metrics checklist ✅ Are you using these 8 sources of financial information? 🗂