Strengthen your Braintree data

Boost your revenue, see which customer channels drive the conversion for your SaaS business. Connect all your revenue metrics to one dashboard and see the whole picture in one place.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

SaaS growth metrics from your Braintree data

Get clear and easy to interpret subscription SaaS metrics by linking your Braintree account with Calqulate. Our software shows you a range of analytics for SaaS and subscription businesses, from CAC, MRR and LTV.

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Forecast your potential growth with Braintree

Calqulate puts all your accounting data in a scalable and intelligent format, so you get your growth forecasts by Plan, Country, Customer and Currency.

  • Manage and plan your cash runway
  • Track subscription related cashflows
  • Get a detailed view of your cash inflows and outflows and never miss a beat

Forget about the nuisance of multiple tools and documents replacing them with a Calqulate dashbaord.

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See your cashflow like never before.

Analyze subscription cash inflows and customer acquisition-related cash outflows. Calqulate enables you to forecast future cashflows and revenue for each subscription. We simplify finance so you can plan and grow your business.

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?