Reinforce your Chargebee data

Streamline your recurring billing operations, deliver a slick payment experience and gain a financial overview from lead to customer. Add multiple revenue sources to one dashboard and see the whole picture in one place.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Make the right decision with your revenue metrics

Forecasting is a built-in feature of every Calqulate dashboard. Connect your Chargebee account, and we’ll work out the most relevant analytics for SaaS and subscription businesses.  Make the right decisions based on your MRR, CAC and LTV.

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It’s time to invest in growth

When is the right time to spend more on sales & marketing? Integrate your Chargebee account and our unit economics will forecast key metrics by department. You’ll know when and where to double-down spending on growth - or even launch your next marketing campaign. 

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Forecast your cash runway without complex spreadsheet formulas

Our transparent financial models are custom built to fit the needs of high growth SaaS startups. Plan for your businesses growth by forecasting with accuracy, exactly how much cash is available to you in a year's time. Automate your cashflow forecasting without complex spreadsheet formulas. 

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?