Automated SaaS metrics from your QuickBooks data

Use your accounting and offline billing data to build SaaS metrics. Get the whole picture by connecting your expenditure data with your subscriptions.

Subscription autodetection@3x

Subscription Auto Detection

Automatically detect and connect offline subscription data from QuickBooks PDF invoices and create SaaS metrics to track MRR, CAC as well as LTV. 

Segment your subscription data by:

- Currency
- Product
- Country


Throw away those messy excel sheets and start Calqulating!

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Cashflow and expenditure forecasting

Automatically calculate your Customer Acquisition Costs and create expense analytics from your QuickBooks data.
Cashflow management and forecasting is done automatically too. We help you reduce the manual work needed when generating financial analytics from your QuickBooks data. 

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Subscription analytics for QuickBooks

Consolidate all your subscriptions into Calqulate no matter how you bill your customers and how they pay you. Credit card payments, wire transfers, offline billing - we support all sources and payment methods.

Calqulate imports your QuickBooks invoices and customer data and creates SaaS metrics from any billing source, whether it is your accounting software, subscription management software or your own database. 

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?