Enrich your financial analytics using Recurly data

Calqulate integrates with Recurly to automate cashflow forecasting, Sales forecasting and CAC, Metrics and financial reporting for SaaS and subscription businesses. 

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Get ahead of whatever's coming

Forecasting is a built-in feature of every Calqulate dashboard. Connect your Recurly account, reach your goals for multiple scenarios. All your subscription metrics and sales forecasts are in one clear dashboard.

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Know when to spend more on growth

Integrate your Recurly account and we’ll give you metrics to analyze and forecast your LTV to CAC ratios so you know when and where to spend more on growth.

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Know what’s up (& down) with your business

Automate cashflow forecasting and plan your cash runway. Calqulate's cashflow forecasting connects to Recurly, tracks your business’s subscription payments, staff expenses, loans, and equity. That way, you always know what’s up with your business.

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?