Power up your Salesforce analytics

Connect your Salesforce account and let Calqulate do the magic. We´ll work out the relevant analytics for SaaS and subscription businesses, from Churn Rate to CAC. Master this to help your business - and your customers - take off to the next level. 

Sales won

Track your performance like a champion

With Salesforce integration you get a clear view of your data in a single dashboard for easy analysis. Let the automated actions expand the functionality of your software, Calqulate will combine your financial, sales and marketing data into one solution.

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Number of meetings

Know when to hit the accelerator & grow

Building a growth engine requires some experimenting before finding the right fit for your business – and it all starts with a great product and your financial analytics.  With the CRM integration, you can create forecasts and see your sales take off. 

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Cash in and cash out

Create the level of detail you need to succeed

Create sales forecasts by product and calqulate automatically connects them to your cashflow forecasts.

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