Cash Management dashboard@2x

Stay on top of your Cashflow

Calqulate's automated cashflow forecasting tracks your invoice payments, staff costs, sales forecasting, vendor payments, loans and equity. Calqulate connects to 11,000+ banks and automates your financial reporting.

Daily Cash balance-2

Consolidate your bank accounts

Connect to 11,000+ banks and get a consolidated view of your cash balances across all your bank accounts - on a daily basis.

Cash Runway@2x

Make timely decisions and take actions based on your cash runway

Plan your cash runway to always stay on top of your business. Calqulate helps you to know well ahead of time when you need to raise more funding based on you forecasted cashflow. Forecast the following cash items:

  • Sales invoice payments
  • Staff expenses
  • Equity
  • Loans
  • Customer acquisition costs
Subscription Cash In and CAC Cash Out@2x

Track your subscription cashflows

Analyze subscription cash inflows and customer acquisition related cash outflows to stay on top of your recurring revenue. Tracking these cashflows is fundamental for any SaaS business pursuing high-speed growth.

  • Current and forecasted subscriptions
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Staff-related CAC 
  • Transaction fees
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Cashflow Forecast@2x

Get detailed view of your cashflows for a selected period

View financial forecasts based on cash inflows and outflows and never miss a beat. Calqulate lets you forecast daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cashflows to give you full financial visibility on a desired granularity level. Cashflow forecasting accounts for:

  • Equity
  • Staff expenses
  • Loan payments
  • Purchase invoices
  • Tax payments
Staff Costs Cashflows
Daily Cash Balance@2x

Compare realized and forecasted cashflows

Calqulate's calendar view lets you combine actual and forecasted cashflows.
  • Display actuals until a certain day
  • Seamless continuation of forecasted cashflows
  • Know on a daily basis how far your runway lasts

Currency conversion

Calqulate converts all your foreign currency subscriptions, payments and invoices into your reporting currency. Calqulate's smart foreign currency auto-detection works like a charm.


Feel free to bill your subscriptions in USD, EUR, GBP or whichever currency you fancy and see always up-to-date MRR, cashflow forecasting and other KPIs in your reporting currency.

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Become a Cashflow Expert

Want to learn more about cashflow forecasting? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a cashflow forecasting expert.


Your goal is to be cashflow positive from Day 1 onwards. Motivate your customers to sign up for your annual deals and grow 4x faster.


It not only stabilizes your revenue and cashflow forecasting, you also gain access to immediate extra cash. Invest that in additional customer acquisition or product development. 

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