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Share Financial Data in One Click

We believe financial reporting should be easy to share and actionable. Startups, investors, board members and lenders can access the same interactive financial data that is always up to date.


Finally you're able to ditch your spreadsheets and PDF reports. 

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Share AND request financial data

Financial reporting is not a one-way street. With Calqulate, companies are able to share their financial KPIs with any stakeholder instantly. Investors and lenders are able to request financial data from companies, all within the same platform.


Always up-to-date, real time financial data data

Calqulate connects to the most popular financial software plug-and-play and syncs data every hour. Financial reporting is always up-to-date and real time.

Gross Margin percentage@3x

Use the API or the Calqulate User Interface

Calqulate's powerful API let's you import and export both unified transaction data and standardized financial KPIs.


You can also use Calqulate's user interface to view financial data in elegant charts.

Revenue Growth percentage@3x

Become a Startup Finance Expert

Want to learn more about Startup Finances? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a startup finance expert.


While recurring revenue is important, your company’s growth rate is even more valuable to the overall valuation of your business.


Companies with a higher growth percentage are more valuable than companies with a lower growth percentage. The valuation difference can 15-fold.

Learn more about revenue growth and valuations

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