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Share Financial Data in One Click

We believe financial data should be easy to share and actionable. Companies, investors, board members and lenders can access the same interactive financial data that is always up to date. Financial data can be used for investor updates, fundraising, financial due diligence, loan underwriting and investor matchmaking.


Finally you're able to ditch your spreadsheets and PDF reports. 

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Projected Fit Score

All companies, investors and lenders have a Projected Fit Score for accurate matchmaking. Calqulate has the largest database of investors' and lenders' deal criteria and our Projected Fit Score matches a company’s data to the deal criteria of investors and lenders.


Fundraising, traction analysis and deal sourcing is lightning fast with Calqulate.

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Share AND request financial data

Financial reporting is not a one-way street. With Calqulate, companies are able to share their financial KPIs with any stakeholder, instantly. Investors and lenders are able to request financial data from companies, all within the same platform.

Easily request & share financial data@2x-1

Multiple uses of financial data sharing

Send updates to your current investors or use shared data to track a portfolio. Calqulate accelerates the fundraising processes with standardized financial data, direct from its source in 15 minutes.

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Standardized financial data

Calqulate connects to the most popular financial softwares through plug-and-play dashboard and syncs data every hour. The financial data you see is always up-to-date.

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Calqulate academy

Become a Startup Finance Expert

Want to learn more about Startup Finances? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a startup finance expert.


For entrepreneurs and investors alike, we cover the basic concepts of start up finance and dive deeper into conversations on key topics like valuations, funding rounds, financing and forecasts.

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