Closed Sales@3x-2

Sales Analytics

Connect your CRM system to Calqulate and understand better your sales funnel. Identify, model and predict sales results, and build a bridge between your sales analytics and financial analytics.

Meeting Hit Rate@3x

CRM and sales analytics

With integrations to the most popular CRM systems, Calqulate combines your financial, sales and marketing data into one solution. Gain a clear view of the following in a glance:

- Meeting hit rates

- Number of closed deals won & lost

- Sales cycle lenght

- Number of emails sent and meetings booked

- And many more


Sales Headcount

Sales Headcount & Staff Costs

Analyze and forecast your sales headcount and staff costs. See the evolution by function and set sales targets for your team.


Calqulate imports your staff costs from your payroll software.

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LTV to CAC Ratio@3x

Customer Acquisition Costs

Forecast and analyse your Customer Acquisition Costs and know when it's time to invest in growth.  Calqulate has the most comprehensive customer acquisition cost analysis in the market. We include detailed staff costs and other expenditure in customer acquisition costs.

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Total CAC breakdown@3x-1

Become a growth metrics expert

Want to learn more about growth metrics? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a growth metrics expert.

Reinvest upfront payments into your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) to boost growth. The benefit of having annual deals is: your cashflows are positive from Day 1 due to upfront payments.

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