MRR@2x (5)

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting is an out of the box feature of every Calqulate dashboard, its the perfect tool to help you reach your SaaS growth goals and stay ahead of whatever's coming.

Whether thats an uptick in brand traction 🔥 or the next flu pandemic 😒

MRR@2x (5)

Forecast Recurring Revenue

Forecast the MRR of your SaaS business and make sure your team hits their targets. Calqulate's charts merge actual and forecasted numbers seamlessly. For example, you can create a new sales forecast for the following segments:

  • Country
  • Product and Plan
  • Customer
  • Currency
Unit Economics dashboard@2x

CAC and LTV Forecasts

Forecast your Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value and know when it's time to invest in growth or focus on retention.

  • Churn and ARPA forecast
  • LTV to CAC ratio
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Months to recover CAC
Forecast CAC and LTV
Sales Forecast@2x

Sales Forecast Parameters

Use Calqulate's smart and intuitive sales forecast forms to make your growth forecasts by Product, Plan, Country and Currency.

  • Number of New Customers
  • Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
  • Subscription payment terms
  • Churn %
Date Range Picker@2x

Seamless Forecasting

Calqulate's unique calendar view lets you seamlessly combine actual and forecasted numbers in all charts and in all dashboards.

  • Display actuals until a certain day
  • Seamless continuation of forecasted numbers
  • Combine 5 years of actuals and 5 years of forecasts in the same view
  • Great for Board and Investor reporting!

Ready to start forecasting your growth?

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