The early days of the Calqulate app & team

A short introduction of the Calqulate team, our history and how we have overcome the challenges of spring 2020.

Linda Praulina

June 11, 2020

The Calqulate team


A lot has happened during the last few months. Last time the team met face to face was in the end of February, in Paris. Since then, all of us have done our best to keep safe and keep both Calqulate app and the new website development humming. Luckily, just days before the travel restrictions came into force, we managed to have a few days of intense workshopping together. During those days, we established the roadmap and steps for upcoming few months.

In Paris, we also celebrated the first anniversary of Calqulate. It was early spring 2019 when Niko wrote a first draft of the Calqulate business plan. Now, a bit more than a year later, we are a team of ten people, the software has been launched and ready to help thousands of SaaS companies to automate their financial reporting. In the featured image you can see our core team (from left to right) -  Éric the designer, Linda from marketing, Niko, the mastermind behind the product, Osama who leads the development and Noha - managing the projects.

Due to the current challenging times, automated financial planning and forecasting is more important than ever. Calqulate helps companies to grow their business faster and to make optimal use of their resources. 

Before joining Calqulate, our team members have worked around the world as digital nomads and the jump to remote environment wasn’t challenging at all luckily. Calqulate's development team is based in France, admin and marketing team is based in Helsinki and the CEO shuffles between San Francisco and Helsinki. 

During the lockdown, we gathered a wonderful team to create us our first video. The video production and animation was made in Stockholm, the script in Brooklyn and the music by Dominique Dumont - from Riga, Latvia. 

Even if face-to-face meetings have decreased to close to zero, our team has been busy with networking activities over the web, constantly looking for new suitable and beneficial integration partners for the app. We have partnered with accelerators and consulting companies to reach a larger audience for Calqulate.

We are passionate about SaaS and helping our customers grow their business with finance-led tools. We love working with our customers and improving the Calqulate app. Tell us what you think about Calqulate and let's make financial forecasting more intuitive and fun together!

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Linda Praulina

Marketing Manager

Linda is Calqulate´s Marketing Manager. She enjoys finding the most optimised conversions, well as riding her bike.