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Standardized financial data and portfolio analytics. Calqulate connects startups, investors, banks and lenders with financial data to speed up fundraising processes and lending decisions.

No more spreadsheets. Standardized financial data made easy.

Frictionless access to Financial Data

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Portfolio analytics

Portfolio Analytics

Get a real-time view to your portfolio companies' cash runway, revenue growth and burn rate. Compare the KPIs of portfolio companies and react fast to the financial needs of the companies that need your advice. 

Calqulate syncs financial data hourly across the finance stack and all KPIs are always available real time.

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Easily request & share financial data@2x-1

Easily request & share financial data

Getting coherent financial data from start-ups is a major source of frustration for investors and institutional lenders.

From the start-ups perspective...We get it, that spreadsheet you created to keep track of all your KPI's represents countless hours of work and this report has grown hand in hand with your business. 

The sad part is, investors and lenders don't share your starry eyed zeal for the collection of tabs in your financial spreadsheets. 

It's not your fault. Each company has a different way of doing things and each company has a varying degree of trust in the data they produce. 

Learn how we standardise subscription and revenue data so investors and companies have the transparency and trust needed for large business transactions.

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No matter your industry, size or vertical@2x

No matter your industry, size or vertical

We can improve the quality and reduce the time needed to access standardised financial data. 

Calqulate is suitable for:
- VC's
- Lenders 
- Banks
- Companies
- Start-ups
- Accelerators & Hubs

Learn more about how our software handles one of the most complex business calculations out there...The dreaded "Deferred Revenue"

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Banking Data and Cashflow Forecasting@2x-1

Banking Data and Cashflow Forecasting

Calqulate imports bank account balances and combines them into a unified view of a companies available cash.

Transparent and consolidated cash runways give a clearer picture of a companies future. Calqulate's automated cashflow forecasting tracks invoice payments, staff costs, sales forecasting, vendor payments, loans and equity

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Know how much acquiring a customer really costs

Calqulate’s offers a comprehensive unit economics analysis for an overview of Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value.

By combining Payroll data together with Accounting and Subscription data, Calqulate automatically generates a companies CAC , LTV and Departmental Expenses.

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