Predictive SaaS metrics, KPIs, cashflow management and financial forecasts

Develop your subscription business faster!

Consolidate all your data sources & get accurate insights to optimise your future

Connect your data sources to unveil your future financial performances. Calqulate offers SaaS metrics and driver-based forecasts that unlock the most valuable insights about your subscription business

  • Cashflow and revenue forecasting
  • SaaS & Subscription metrics
  • Consolidation of all your data sources


SaaS dashboard and cashflow forecasting

Our product for SaaS & subscription companies


SaaS dashboards

Enjoy automated dashboards comprising all the SaaS metrics and KPIs that matter to subscription businesses. 


Cash flow management

Get an accurate overview of your current and future cash balance and plan well in advance how to finance your growth targets.


Financial forecasting

Predict your future financial performance by using our intelligent financial forecasting model. Always be one step ahead.  


Sales & marketing analytics and reporting

Follow your marketing campaign and sales performance and optimise your budget planning and increase your revenue. Extend your sales funnel with cashflow and revenue tracking.



Consolidate and visualise all your data sources 

All your business KPIs securely kept in one place

Get more clarity about your SaaS & subscription metrics at a glance. All the most relevant business KPIs from your different services are centralised in one platform only. Not only you save a lot of time by reducing the number of financial analytics tools you need but Calqulate also supercharges your reports with financial forecasting

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Focus on the most important SaaS metrics to make better business decisions






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