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SaaS Finance Finance Finance 2.0

Create a Single source of Data for your companies finance stack. Calqulate connects your accounting, subscription, payroll, banking and CRM data in one place.

No more spreadsheets, no more fuss.

A compass to grow your business safely

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A single source of truth

Financial data comes from dozens of sources. Expenses from your accounting software, Staff costs from your payroll, cash balances from your bank and most importantly revenue from your subscription software. 

Traditionally, all this data is downloaded, cleaned and compiled in several, complex spreadsheets. 

Calqulate offers a new way to do things. Consolidate all your SaaS finance data in one place. 

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Consolidate subscriptions (1)

Consolidate subscriptions from multiple sources

Do you use Quickbooks + Stripe to bill your customers?

Or Xero + Chargebee?


Calqulate consolidates all your revenue and builds SaaS metrics from your billing data, no matter the source.

We can help you ditch your spreadsheets and automate your Revenue Analytics.

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Revenue Recognition

Recognising revenue in spreadsheets is error prone and complicated. For growing companies the problem only compounds as more subscriptions are added.

With Calqulate, you can effortlessly smooth out your MRR, giving you an accurate reflection of the revenue earned along with a deferred revenue calculations.

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Banking data

Banking Data and Cashflow Forecasting

Calqulate imports your bank account balances and combines them into a unified view of your companies available cash.

Plan your cash runway to always stay on top of your business. Calqulate's automated cashflow forecasting tracks your invoice payments, staff costs, sales forecasting, vendor payments, loans and equity

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Know how much acquiring a customer really costs

Lean on Calqulate’s comprehensive unit economics analysis for an overview of your Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value.

By combining your Payroll together with your Accounting and Subscription software, you can automatically generate CAC , LTV and Departmental Expenses like never before.

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The SaaS metrics checklist ✅ Are you using these 8 sources of financial information? 🗂