The Calqulate VC Partner Program - add value to your portfolio companies

Add Calqulate as a perk for your portfolio companies and help them grow to the next funding round. 
- Industry standardised financial analytics
- Full view on CAC, LTV and MRR
- Lower the risk of unfavourable investments with solid financial forecasts and more opportunities for mentorship.
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Investor Reporting@2x

Get a detailed view to financial analytics

View a detailed compendium of financial analytics for your portfolio companies. Turn the task of investor reporting into an opportunity for mentorship, learning and growth.

  • All KPIs by country, plan, currency and data source
  • Detailed cashflow forecasting
  • 24/7 access based on custom user accesses
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Total CAC Breakdown

Detailed CAC and LTV

Tired of inaccurate reporting from your portfolio companies?


  • Automated Customer Acquisition Costs based on staff costs and fixed expenses
  • Full unit economics analysis
  • Calqulate has the most comprehensive customer acquisition cost analysis in the market.  
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Make sure your portfolio companies have easy access to financial data

Easy access to all the financial data sources your portfolio companies are using. 


We have integrations to all the most common applications, such as QuickBooks, Stripe and Chargebee. 

Cash Runway@2x

Early-stage and growth portfolio companies get up to a 90% discount

Portfolio companies that have raised less than 1M EUR/USD and have less than 1M EUR/USD ARR get a 90% discount on Calqulate fees.

Portfolio companies that have raised more than 1M EUR/USD and have more than 1M USD/EUR ARR get a 30% discount on Calqulate fees.


Become a Metrics and Cashflow expert

- Access financial data coming from the accounting system and aggregated with CRM, payment and subscription data.

- Calqulate automates SaaS metric calculations and links them to the P&L, Balance Sheet and cash management.
- Automated P&L and cashflow forecasting with advanced financial models and no hidden mistakes in spreadsheet formulas.

Learn about growth metrics

Read the Calqulate Academy and become a startup finance expert

  • Easy-to-understand and professional articles about metrics, unit economics, cashflow forecasting and financial reporting
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