Calqulate's Report

Report is used by startups and SMBs to automate their investor reporting and build better communication with all of their stakeholders. Calqulate enables live data sharing between companies, investors, lenders and accelerators to keep all parties up to date about a company’s financial performance and growth forecasts.

Investor reporting

Monthly and quarterly updates

Calqulalte Report is a combination of text updates on the company’s accomplishments and challenges during the reporting period and real-time financial data directly from the company’s data sources.

Traction analysis

Financial Analytics

Calqulate Analyze solution is the foundation for Calqulate Report. We use standardized financial data to help companies raise their next financing round and keep their current investors informed.

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Fundraising KPIs

Fundraising KPIs

Financial data should be actionable. Investors and lenders assess a company’s financial performance when making investment decisions. Calqulate automatically creates the most important fundraising KPIs for startups and SMBs so that they can close their next funding round faster. 

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Finance stack, integrations

Zero Effort Onboarding

Get started with Calqulate Report with just a few clicks. Onboarding a new company and automating their financial reporting for investors and lenders takes as little as 15 minutes.

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Portfolio analytics

Automated Portfolio Reporting

Calqulate compares a company’s fundraising KPIs against investors' and lenders' deal criteria and highlights the most promising fundraising opportunities.

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Want to automate your portfolio reporting?