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- Help your members succeed in becoming profitable companies.

- Help them access their next funding round.

- Offer scalable mentoring for more portfolio companies per advisor

- Add Calqulate to your perks list to offer your members more

- Get a Calqulate SaaS/Startup finance expert to deliver custom training


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Calqulate connects the tools your members use and turns them into easy to access financial data. 


You're an expert in providing startups with all kinds of tools, spaces, methods and mentors. We are experts in building growth metrics, financial forecasting and cash runway calculations. Let's partner and help more of your members succeed.


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Calqulate supports its partners

  • Content. We offer easy-to-understand and professional material about financial analytics
  • Events. Get a startup finance expert to talk at your events and webinars
  • Ready-made financial models. Your members become SaaS metrics and cashflow forecasting experts in minutes
  • 90% discount. We offer up to a 90% discount for early-stage and growth companies via select Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Hubs.




Become a Startup Finance Expert

  • Easy-to-understand and professional articles about metrics, unit economics, cashflow forecasting and financial reporting.
  • Provide your startups with additional reading. The easiest way to become a startup finance expert
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