Calqulate's Monitor

Monitor is used by investors and lenders to keep track of the startups and SMBs they have invested in. Calqulate connects and standardizes financial data from your portfolio companies so that you can monitor their performance and compare their growth.

Standardized Financial Data

Standardised and real-time data

Calqulate unifies financial data from 100s of data sources and standardizes it into financial KPIs - for any country, vertical and currency. We enable live financial analytics so you don't have to send recurring reminders to your portfolio companies anymore.

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Portfolio analytics

Portfolio Monitoring for investors

Track your portfolio companies' financial performance in real time and compare their performance in simple and clean dashboards. All financial KPIs are standardised and automated.

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True Growth Index

Covenant Tracking for lenders

Calqulate syncs real-time financial data across the borrower’s financial data sources. We cover for example:


  • Main financials and revenue
  • Cash balances and burn rates
  • Profitability KPIs
  • Liquidity KPIs
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Zero Effort Onboarding

It takes as little as 15 minutes to onboard a new company to Calqulate and get started with automated financial reporting.

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Calqulate API

Calqulate API and User Interface

Calqulate's powerful API lets you export derived financial KPIs to your own database - all in standardized format. You can also use Calqulate's user interface to view financial data in elegant charts.

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