Calqulate's Match

Matchmake like never before. Calqulate matches companies to multiple investors and lenders in all stages of the investment process and between all parties.

Match can be used in tandem with Calqulate’s Assess and Monitor products for a large variety of purposes.

Projected fit score

Projected Fit Score

Calqulate has the largest database of investors' and lenders' deal criteria to make matchmaking faster and more accurate.

Our Projected Fit Score matches a company’s data to the deal criteria of investors and lenders.

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Deal Criteria

Deal Criteria

Investors and lenders have different investment thesis and that translates to different deal criteria. 


Get access to a large international database of investors' deal criteria in Calqulate or easily set specific deal criteria for yourself and your network.

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Matchmaking for accelerators

Connect the dots in the startup ecosystem and make matchmaking between startups and investors easier with Calqulate. Help your cohort and alumni companies reach their next funding round by connecting them with a global network of investors and lenders.

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Matchmaking for investor platforms

Matchmaking for investors

Help your portfolio companies reach their next funding round with Match. Match your portfolio companies with other investors in your network and make meaningful introductions to close the next round faster.

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Syndicate matchmaking-2

Matchmaking for investor and lender networks

Expand both your startup dealflow and investor&lender network, and introduce more companies to your network of investors and lenders. Increase your dealflow volumes and velocity with Match.

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Loan applicaiton

Matchmaking for startups and SMBs

Apply for funding with Calqulate’s Raise solution and get a wide range of financing opportunities from Calqulate’s international network of investors and lenders.

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