Want to extract data from our dashboards?

Save time and manually customise or embed Calqulate data with your own quickly and efficiently using our handy API features and GraphQL.

Cashflow forecasting, Sales forecasting and CAC metrics, and automated Financial reporting for SaaS and subscription businesses all at your fingertips. Your metrics, your rules.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Need to forecast your most important metrics?

Forecasting is a built-in feature of every Calqulate dashboard. Make it part of your own: connect your own data sources with our Calqulate API, track your business success, and reach your goals. Now you're ahead of whatever's coming.

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CAC and LTV analytics

Know when to hit the accelerator. Analyze and forecast your Customer Acquisition Costs by product and country, and forecast LTV to CAC ratios.

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Cash Runway

Want to stay on top of your cash flow?

Connect your data sources to Calqulate's API and automate your cash flow forecasts. Track your business’s subscription payments, staff expenses, loans, and equity all in one place.


That way you can be confident making business decisions, track how changes to your costs are affecting your balance, and keep your business's heart beating.

Forecast cashflows

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?