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Real-time financial data, portfolio monitoring and loan underwriting for the Startup Ecosystem. Calqulate makes financial data sharing a breeze between startups, investors, lenders and accelerators, and speeds up fundraising processes and matchmaking with investors.

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Portfolio Analytics

Get a real-time view to your portfolio companies' cash runway, revenue growth and burn rate. Compare the KPIs of your portfolio and react fast to the financial positions of companies that need your attention. 

Calqulate syncs financial data hourly across the finance stack and all KPIs are always available real time.

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Easily request & share financial data@2x-1

Request & share financial data

Financial data should be actionable and easy to share. That's why we've enabled data sharing in one click.

Financial reporting is not a one-way street. With Calqulate, companies are able to share their financial KPIs with any stakeholder instantly. Investors and lenders are able to request financial data from companies, all within the same platform.

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No matter your industry, size or vertical@2x-1

For all financial market players

Everyone needs instant financial data for better business decisions.

Calqulate is suitable for:
- VCs
- Lenders 
- Banks
- Accelerators
- Financial Advisors and M&A experts
- Startups and SMBs

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Instant 360 Degree Financial Analysis

Instant 360 Degree Financial Analysis

Incomplete and inaccurate financial data makes the financing ecosystem inefficient. 


Calqulate is a financial data platform that provides standardized and reliable financial KPIs in 15 min flat, so that investors and lenders can make better business decisions, faster.

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Deal Screening For Lenders and Investors

Deal Screening For Lenders and Investors

Calqulate is a deal origination and underwriting platform for lenders and investors. Turn your deal flow into a streamlined process, from traction analysis to loan underwriting and portfolio monitoring. Calqulate's full spectrum solution will streamline your investment and lending processes.


Get access to standardized financial data of your most interesting prospects with one click. We also offer white label pre-qualification and a secure loan application experience. 

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Standardized Financial Data

Financial Analytics & Growth Metrics for SMBs

We automate your financial and investor reporting. With Calqulate, it's as simple as connecting your accounting, banking, payroll and subscription software in one place. We extract the key data from each of these sources and extract, transform and combine it into fully automated dashboard that summarises the financial performance of your business. 

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