Atlas One - Financial Analytics for a Global HR company

We take a quick look into how the high Growth, HR as a service platform, Atlas One automated their finance tech stack using Calqulate.

Cameron Murphy

June 21, 2021


Atlas one x Calqulate

Atlas one is on a mission to transform the way startups hire by providing HR expertise as a service. They are building a talent infrastructure that will empower businesses to scale with confidence, no matter their stage of funding. Here’s how Calqulate is helping them focus on their mission without getting bogged down with increasing financial complexity of running a US and EU entity.

Atlas One’s Challenges:

  • Two legal entities for US and EU, with two separate accounting systems
  • Separate account receivables and accounts payable
  • Separate subscription management software for US and EU entities
  • Currency conversion for subscriptions in three different currencies 


Why did Atlas One choose to work with Calqulate?

  • Unique solution with integrations to the main pillars of their finance stack. 
  • Ability to handle multiple currencies
  • Non statutory consolidation of US and EU entities
  • Single source of truth for financial analytics
  • Hourly update of dashboards


How did Calqulate help?

Calqulate combined 4 different data sources to build a high level financial overview of Atlas Ones global business operations.
By combining their subscription and accounting softwares, Calqulate automated the daily reporting, currency conversion and consolidation of Atlas Ones Chargebee, Xero and Quickbooks accounts.


Mikko Kiiskila profile photo

We started using Calqulate around 9 months ago. Since then, they have helped us consolidate multiple legal entities and finances from our account receivables to our account payables. Now our subscription management and revenue recognition automatically goes to a real time dashboard where I can see everything from our revenue to our costs in a single place”

Mikko Kiiskila
Co-Founder and CEO of Atlas One


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