Calqulate's Financial Forecasting

Forecast your recurring revenues, expenses, cash and other SaaS metrics. ‘Cause in business, it’s ok to be a know-it-all.

Niko Laine

October 1, 2022

Calqulate financial forecasting dashboard


Forecasting is a built-in feature of every Calqulate dashboard, so you can reach your SaaS growth goals and be ahead of whatever's coming.

Forecast the MRR of your SaaS business and make sure your team hits their targets. Calqulate's charts merge seamlessly actual and forecasted numbers. Create a new sales forecast for the following segments:

  • Country
  • Product and Plan
  • Customer
  • Currency



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Niko Laine


Niko is a CFO and a financial advisor who is passionate about solving problems, data analysis, mentoring smart entrepreneurs and bringing clarity and focus in difficult situations.