How to achieve finance-led growth for SaaS

Loyalistic webinar, a discussion with a SaaS CEO and CFO Niko Laine.

Niko Laine

October 18, 2022

Niko Laine, Antti Pietilä, Loyalistic-webinar



Niko Laine was honoured to be the guest speaker in Antti Pietilä´s webinar at the Loyalistic studio.   

Finance-led growth metrics are essential for any high-growth SaaS business. Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis, Lifetime Value and Revenue Analysis are crucial elements of the financial reporting of SaaS companies. 


Read the whole blog post here (unfortunately available only in Finnish). 

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Niko Laine

Founder, CEO and CFO

Niko is a CFO and a financial advisor who is passionate about solving problems, data analysis, mentoring smart entrepreneurs and bringing clarity and focus in difficult situations.