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Matchmaking between Investors and Startups

Accelerators connect the dots in the startup ecosystem. Calqulate is the line between those dots. Calqulate connects accelerator and hub communities with investors. Help your start-ups access loans and investments to grow faster and succeed. 


See how your cohorts are doing financially

It's ok to say it, we know. Start-ups suck at finance. Together with Calqulate, see your portfolio companies' financial reporting and offer mentorship and advice on their finances like never before.

Spot cashflow trouble ahead of time, offer budgeting advice, reliably chart revenue growth as well as a hundred other data points that give them the best chance at succeeding. 


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The best financial analytics software for your startup members

Running a startup is complex. Financial reporting plays no small part in that complexity.

Calqulate automates financial analytics for startups and makes data sharing with investors as simple as 2+2. Startups don't need to hire a CFO or data analysts - Calqulate does all that for you.

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Always up-to-date, real time financial data

No more waiting ad hoc or sporadic reporting from cohort companies. Calqulate syncs financial data hourly across the finance stack and all financial analytics are always available real time.

Subscription Cash In and CAC Cash Out@2x

Become a growth metrics expert

Want to learn more about growth metrics? The Calqulate Academy and partnership program are a great way to educate and introduce your communities to core financial concepts when running their business. 


Check out our article on how you can quadruple your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) without raising money after your seed round.

Learn how to 4x your MRR without raising capital

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