SMBs, Growth Metrics

Financial Analytics and Growth Metrics for SMBs

Running a growing company is complex. Financial reporting can be equally complex. Calqulate automates financial analytics for small and medium-sized businesses and makes data sharing with investors and other financial institutions as simple as 1+1


Calqulate connects to your data sources and automates your financial analytics. Our product is specifically designed for SMBs, startups and growth companies. We provide financial clarity for company leaders and investors.

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Cash In and Cash Out

Cash runway

Cash runway is a startup's most important metric to track. You dont get far with a few months of runway left.


Calqulate's automated cashflow forecasting tracks your invoice payments, staff costs, sales forecasting, vendor payments, loans and equity. Calqulate connects to 11,000+ banks and automates your cashflow forecasting. Use this data for your daily operations or use it when applying for additional financing.

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Data sharing

Share data with Investors and Advisors

We believe financial reporting should be actionable and easy-to-share. SMBs, startups, investors, board members and lenders can access the same interactive financial data that is always up to date.


Time to retire your spreadsheets and PDF reports in favour of standardised data, error free and direct from the source. 

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Loan comparison

Business loan comparison

Find the most suitable loan offer and submit your application, all within Calqulate.

We make business loan comparisons easier and help find the best funding option among a global network of lenders.

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Interconnected finance stack-2

100s of data sources

Calqulate connects to the most popular financial softwares through a plug-and-play interface. We can analyze and automate a companies financial reporting in 15 minutes:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Bank accounts
  • Subscription management
  • Payment platforms
  • CRM software
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Unit Economics

Tracking unit economics is one of the trickiest set of KPIs for a business to track, yet it remains fundamental when pursuing profitable growth. Access core financial growth data from the following KPIs:


  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • LTV to CAC ratio
  • Months to recover from CAC
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Subscription Management

See a companies future finances based on their subscription data.

Calqulate consolidates subscription and customer payment data into a single dashboard. See forecasts on future cashflows and revenue for a company in a few clicks.

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Calqulate academy

Become a growth metrics expert

Want to learn more about growth metrics? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a growth metrics expert.


Learn how a company can quadruple their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) without raising money after their seed round.

Learn how to 4x your MRR without raising capital

Ready to automate your financial reporting?