Connect your banking

Consolidate your bank accounts

Calqulate connects to 11,000+ banks and transforms live data into valuable insights. Get a consolidated view across all your bank accounts and track invoices, payments, loans, and equity with automated financial reporting dashboards.

Cash Runway-1

Track your cash runway

Calqulate’s automated cashflow forecast and cash balance analysis helps a company set accurate fundraising plans and plan sustainable growth.

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Cash In and Cash Out-1

Get detailed view of your cashflows

View financial forecasts based on cash inflows and outflows and never miss a beat. Calqulate lets you forecast daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cashflows to give you full financial visibility on the desired granularity level.

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Switch Currencies

Currency conversion

Calqulate converts all your foreign currency subscriptions, payments, and invoices into your reporting currency. Calqulate's smart foreign currency auto-detection changes all invoices into your reporting currency.


Bill your subscriptions in USD, EUR, GBP, or whatever currency you work in and see your daily calculations of your MRR, cashflow forecast, and other KPIs, all in your preferred reporting currency.

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