Total CAC Breakdown@3x

Customer Acquisition Costs

Forecast and analyze Customer Acquisition Costs and know when it's time to invest in growth. Calqulate has the most comprehensive customer acquisition cost analysis in the market.

CAC by department

Staff Costs CAC

Staff Costs often account for most of a company's expenditure and customer acquisition costs. With Calqulate you can analyze and forecast customer acquisition costs that relate to staff costs.


  • Employee-specific CAC %
  • CAC per department
  • LTV to CAC ratio
  • Months to recover CAC
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CAC Expenditure by Expense Group@3x

Expenditure and CAC

With Calqulate you can track, analyze and forecast all expenditure. Calqulate links a company’s expenditure to cashflow forecasting and CAC calculations so that you can be ahead of whatever's coming.


  • Connect any expenditure to CAC
  • CAC per expense group
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Lifetime Value to CAC

Tracking unit economics is fundamental for any SaaS business pursuing profitable growth. Calqulate does the heavy lifting for you and provides automated:


  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • LTV to CAC ratio
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Months to recover CAC@3x

CAC Payback time

Each customer a company acquires has a payback period. The shorter the payback period, the faster a company's growth potential. Calqulate analyzes CAC payback period by:


  • Plan
  • Country
  • Customer
  • Currency
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Calqulate academy

Become a growth metrics expert

Knowing your CAC is key for sustainable growth. Even the roughest estimated CAC is better than no CAC at all. Want to know how to calculate your CAC? 

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