Automate Financial Analytics and Reporting

Get all-in-one Financial Analytics to analyze and forecast your revenue, expenditure and KPIs so that you can reach your growth goals and get ahead of whatever's coming. Calqulate has plug-and-play integrations with accounting software and payment systems.

MRR@2x (5)

Sort your MRR segments

Forecast the MRR of your SaaS business and make sure your team hits their targets. Calqulate's charts merge seamlessly actual and forecasted numbers. Create a new sales forecast for the following segments:

  • Country
  • Product and Plan
  • Customer
  • Currency
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Profit and Loss@3x

Leverage your accounting data

Connect Calqulate to your accounting software and get a full view of your revenue, COGS, EBITDA and net profit.

  • Plug-and-play integration to accounting software
  • Calqulate automatically forecasts P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Report all financial analytics to investors
Gross Margin percentage@3x

Consolidate your revenues and expenditure

One easy-to-use platform to calculate Gross Margin and EBITDA. Get accurate Lifetime Value calculations

  • Get accurate Lifetime Value calculations
  • Report all financial analytics to investors
  • Analyze customer profitability


Date Range Picker@2x

Make informed financial decisions

Calqulate's unique calendar view lets you seamlessly combine actual and forecasted numbers in all charts and in all dashboards.

  • Display actuals until a certain day
  • Seamless continuation of forecasted numbers
  • Combine 5 years of actuals and 5 years of forecasts in the same view
  • Great for Board and Investor reporting!
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Stop worrying about currency conversion

Calqulate converts all your foreign currency subscriptions, payments and invoices into your reporting currency. Calqulate's smart foreign currency auto-detection works like a charm.


Feel free to bill your subscriptions in USD, EUR, GBP or whichever currency you fancy and see always up-to-date MRR, cashflow forecasting and other KPIs in your reporting currency.

Revenue Growth percentage@3x

Become a Startup Finance Expert

Want to learn more about Startup Finances? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a startup finance expert.


While recurring revenue is important, your company’s growth rate is even more valuable to the overall valuation of your business.


Companies with a higher growth percentage are more valuable than companies with a lower growth percentage. The valuation difference can 15-fold.

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