Fundraising KPIs

Fundraising KPIs

Calqulate automatically creates the most important fundraising KPIs for startups and SMBs to help them close their next funding round faster.

Revenue Growth + Gross Profit

Main financials

Fundraising KPIs include all the main Profit & Loss analytics that every investor and lender is looking for: Revenue, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit Margin %, Operating Expenses and Net Profit.

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Revenue analytics

Calqulate combines subscriptions and financial analytics into one dashboard and provides a comprehensive view of a company’s revenue:


  • Revenue and revenue growth %
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
  • Revenue churn %
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Cash Runway

Cash runway and burn rates

Cash runway is one of the most important KPIs for investors and lenders to evaluate a startup. Calqulate connects to 11,000+ banks and automates cash runway, cash burn and bank balance analytics. Get a clear view how much the company is burning monthly and how many months of runway is left.

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Projected fit score-1

Opportunity score

Calqulate compares a company’s fundraising KPIs against investors' and lenders' deal criteria and highlights the most promising fundraising opportunities.

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Standardized Financial Data

Standardized financial data

Fundraising KPIs are always up-to-date and real-time as they come directly from a company’s financial data sources, such as bank accounts and accounting software. Everything for fundraising, standardized and in one place

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