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Portfolio monitoring for investors and lenders

Get a real-time view of your portfolio companies' financial performance.

Interconnected finance stack-2

Standardized financial data for all portfolio companies

Tired of getting late and unstructured financial reporting from your portfolio companies? We guessed so.


Calqulate connects to the most popular financial software plug-and-play and provides investors and lenders with standardized and reliable financial KPIs for any small and medium-sized enterprise across multiple countries and verticals.

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Lifetime Value@3x

Always up-to-date, real-time financial data

No more waiting for monthly or quarterly reporting from portfolio companies. Calqulate syncs financial data hourly across the finance stack and all KPIs are always available in real time.

Syndicate matchmaking-2

Make sure your portfolio companies close the next round

Matchmake like never before. Calqulate matches your current portfolio companies to thousands of investors in the Calqulate database. Automate your introduction process and build powerful co-investor syndicates.

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Projected Fit Score

Every company, investor and lender have a Projected Fit Score for accurate matchmaking. Calqulate has the largest database of investors' and lenders' deal criteria and the Projected Fit Score matches a company’s data to the deal criteria of investors and lenders.


Traction analysis, deal sourcing and co-investor introductions are lightning fast with Calqulate.

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