Portfolio Reporting

Portfolio reporting for investors and lenders

Get a real-time view to your portfolio companies' financial performance.

Customer Acquisition Cost@3x

Standardized financial data for all portfolio companies

Tired of getting late and unstructured financial reporting from your portfolio companies? We guessed so.


Calqulate is a financial data platform that provides investors and lenders standardized and reliable financial KPIs for any small and medium-sized enterprise across multiple countries and verticals.

Lifetime Value@3x

Always up-to-date, real time financial data

No more waiting for monthly or quarterly reporting from portfolio companies. Calqulate syncs financial data hourly across the finance stack and all KPIs are always available real time.

Total staff costs

Data that you can trust

Calqulate imports financial data directly from the bank, payroll, accounting, subscription, payment and CRM systems. Investors and lenders need reliable and unaltered financial KPIs.

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