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Revenue Metrics

Calqulate consolidates all your subscriptions, customer info and financial data into one solution, no matter how you bill your customers. Self serve subscriptions via Stripe - gotcha. Enterprise SaaS billing from your accounting software - no problem. 


Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly recurring revenue is one of the most important metrics for a SaaS company of any stage.  MRR measures the predictable revenue that a SaaS company can expect to get on a monthly basis, as opposed to one-off, transaction-based revenue. Sum up the most recent values of all your subscriptions and you’ll get the total value of your MRR.

Average Revenue per Account@3x

Average Revenue per Account

The average revenue per account measures the revenue generated by a single account, and is calculated by dividing the total MRR by the total number of accounts. For most SaaS companies it is crucial to see the trendline of their ARPA, and to make sure they provide more value for their customers as the product develops, and the added value drives the pricing up.  


Subscription Management

Consolidate all your subscriptions into Calqulate no matter how you bill your customers and how they pay you. Credit card payments, wire transfers, PDF invoices - we support all sources and payment methods. Calqulate enables you to forecast future cashflows and revenue for each subscription. 

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Sales Forecast

Forecasting is a built-in feature of every Calqulate dashboard, so you can reach your growth goals and be ahead of whatever's coming. Calqulate creates a forecast for every single KPI, cashflow and revenue.

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Become a growth metrics expert

Your MRR helps you understand the factors that contribute to your business growth. What else can your MRR tell you? 

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?