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Multi-Source Subscription Management

Calqulate consolidates a companies Subscriptions into no matter how a company bills their customers. Credit card payments, wire transfers, offline billing - we support all sources and payment methods.


Calqulate forecasts future cashflows and revenue for each subscription and consolidates revenue from multiple sources. 



Total CAC breakdown@3x

Unified Customer Reporting

Integrate Calqulate with a companies subscription management software, accounting software and CRM. Calqulate Imports all customer data and unifies reports on customer profitability.

Subscription autodetection@3x

Subscription auto-detection

Calqulate creates subscription data from sales invoices issued from a companies accounting software. Our software detects subscriptions and separates one-off revenue from recurring revenue automatically.


Calqulate creates SaaS metrics from any billing source, whether it is an accounting software, subscription management software or a custom database. 



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Renewal Probability

Want to forecast revenues and cashflows? Adjust the renewal probability % slider for each subscriptions, then Calqulate does the heavy lifting. See the result in MRR analytics, cashflow forecasting and KPIs. 

Subscription manual input@3x

Add subscriptions manually

Enterprise SaaS? No worries, we've got you covered. Add your customers and subscriptions manually.

  • Manage all info manually
  • Or choose to import invoices, payments and customer info from accounting software or other sources
Subscription Cash In and CAC Cash Out@2x-1

Subscription Cash Management

Automate subscription cash management and forecasting

  • Analyze and forecast cashflow forecasting for existing and forecasted subscriptions
  • Advance payments
  • Transaction fees
  • Renewal probability % for current subscriptions
Forecast cashflows

Multi-currency conversion

Calqulate converts all your foreign currency subscriptions, payments and invoices into your reporting currency. Calqulate's smart foreign currency auto-detection works like a charm.


Feel free to bill your subscriptions in USD, EUR, GBP or whichever currency you fancy and see always up-to-date MRR, cashflow forecasting and other KPIs in your reporting currency.

LTV to CAC Ratio@3x

Become a SaaS metrics expert

Want to learn more about SaaS metrics? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a metrics expert.


Your goal is to be cashflow positive from Day 1 onwards. Motivate your customers to sign up for your annual deals instead of waiting years to break even with a higher risk of them leaving you at any time. 


Learn more about subscriptions and cashflows

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?