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Multi-Source Subscription Management

Calqulate consolidates a company’s subscriptions no matter how a company bills their customers. Credit card payments, wire transfers, offline billing - we support all sources and payment methods.


Calqulate forecasts future cashflows and revenue for each subscription and consolidates revenue from multiple sources.

SMBs, Growth Metrics

Full scale revenue analytics

Calqulate analyzes both recurring revenue metrics and Profit & Loss revenue. Analytics include Monthly Recurring Revenue, MRR expansion, churn and growth metrics. All the formulas and KPIs are standardized to make it easy to review and monitor financial analytics of startups and SMBs.

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Total CAC breakdown@3x

Unified Customer Reporting

Integrate Calqulate with a company’s subscription management software and accounting software. Calqulate imports all customer data and unifies recurring revenue analytics.

Subscription autodetection@3x

Subscription auto-detection

Calqulate creates subscription data from sales invoices issued from a company’s accounting software. Our software detects subscriptions and separates one-off revenue from recurring revenue automatically.


Calqulate creates SaaS metrics from any billing source, whether it is an accounting software, subscription management software or a custom database.

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Renewal Probability

Want to forecast revenues and cashflows? Adjust the renewal probability % slider for each subscriptions, then Calqulate does the heavy lifting. See the result in MRR analytics, cashflow forecasting and KPIs. 

Subscription manual input@3x

Add subscriptions manually

Enterprise SaaS? No worries, we've got you covered. Add customers and subscriptions manually.


  • Manage all info manually
  • Or choose to import invoices, payments and customer info from accounting software or other sources
Subscription Cash In and CAC Cash Out@2x-1

Subscription Cash Management

Automate subscription cash management and forecasting

  • Analyze and forecast cashflow forecasting for existing and forecasted subscriptions
  • Advance payments
  • Transaction fees
  • Renewal probability % for current subscriptions

Multi-currency conversion

Calqulate converts all foreign currency subscriptions, payments and invoices into the reporting currency. Calqulate's smart foreign currency auto-detection works like a charm.


See always up-to-date MRR, cashflow forecasting and other KPIs in the reporting currency, no matter which currency the customer was billed in.

Calqulate academy

Become a SaaS metrics expert

Want to learn more about SaaS metrics? Head over to the Calqulate Academy and become a metrics expert.

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Ready to start planning your subscription growth?

Ready to start planning your subscription growth?