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Matchmaking and co-investor syndicates

Matchmake like never before. Calqulate matches companies to multiple investors and lenders and removes the manual work that goes into matchmaking.

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Projected Fit Score

Calqulate has the largest database of investors' and lenders' deal criteria to remove inefficiencies in the matchmaking process.


Our Projected Fit Score matches a company’s data to the deal criteria of investors and lenders. Share opportunities with multiple investors and lenders and close deals faster.

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Deal Criteria

A deal criteria can be anything from the target company’s financial performance to geographical preferences and ticket sizes. Looking to invest in US based B2B SaaS companies with >200k MRR? Or lend money to profitable SMBs that are based in Germany? We got you covered. 

Set a specific deal criteria for yourself and for your network of investors and lenders to generate high quality deal flow and find the best matches.

Matchmaking for accelerators

Connect the dots in the startup ecosystem and make matchmaking between startups and investors easier with Calqulate. Help your cohort and alumni companies reach their next funding round by connecting them with a global network of investors and lenders.

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Matchmaking for investor platforms

Matchmaking for investor platforms

Automate your matchmaking process and expand your network of startups and investors. Calqulate helps you increase transaction volumes and generate high quality leads to your investor network.

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Matchmaking for lender platforms

Matchmaking for lender platforms

Share the opportunities with multiple lenders and see instantly which lender and SMB are a great match. Calqulate helps you increase your lead volume and velocity.

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Investor Syndicates

Find the best matches with Calqulate’s Projected Fit Score, share co-investment opportunities with multiple different investors and close deals quickly.

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Standardized financial data

Calqulate imports financial data directly from the bank, payroll, accounting, subscription, payment and CRM systems. With that data, we provide reliable and unaltered financial KPIs and calculate an accurate Projected Fit Score for each company and investor.

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Want to make your matchmaking easier?

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