Traction analysis

Traction Analysis

Traction analysis of startups in 15 minutes. Access real-time financial insights on cash runway, revenue, growth metrics and profitability with real-time data coming directly from a company’s financial data sources.

Projected fit score-1

Opportunity Score

Calqulate imports financial data directly from the assessed company’s bank, accounting, payroll, payment and CRM systems. We match this data against your deal criteria so that you can close the best deals faster and process more deal flow.

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Revenue analytics

See how fast the assessed company is growing. Calqulate combines subscriptions and financial analytics into one dashboard. Gain a clear view of the following at a glance:


  • Revenue and revenue growth %
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
  • Revenue churn %
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Cash In and Cash Out-1

Cash runway and burn rates

Calqulate connects to 11,000+ banks and automates cash runway, cash burn and bank balance analytics. Get a clear view how much the assessed company is burning monthly and how much runway they have left.

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LTV to CAC Ratio@3x

Unit economics and retention

Tracking unit economics and retention is fundamental for profitable growth. With Calqulate you can assess the target company’s growth potential and get:


  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • LTV to CAC ratio
  • Revenue and customer churn %
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Standardized Financial Data

Standardized financial data

Calqulate unifies financial data from 100s of data sources and standardizes it into financial KPIs - for any country, vertical and currency.

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