Zero Effort Onboarding for companies

Onboarding process in Calqulate usually takes as little as 15 minutes. Companies connect their full finance stack through plug-and-play integrations and get all set with the most essential financial analytics. The financial data can be shared with investors and lenders using Calqulate Assess and Calqulate Monitor in 1 click.


Onboard portfolio companies for Calqulate Monitor

Onboard all of your portfolio companies in a matter of minutes and get standardized financial data from all your portfolio companies. Sign-up invitations are sent within the Calqulate Monitor solution, and your portfolio companies only need to connect their financial data sources to Calqulate and share their data with your organization.

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Request financial data for Calqulate Assess

Request financial data from any startup and SMB. The company will connect their financial data sources, answer a few questions on loan/equity financing and share their real-time financial data with your organization.

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Our team is here to help

The onboarded company does not need any financial expertise to get set up in Calqulate. Calqulate’s customer success team does the account set up on behalf of the company. We help companies connect their whole finance stack within the Calqulate platform and get instant access to financial analytics.

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Standardized Financial Data

Standardized and real-time data

Calqulate connects to all of the most popular financial software and transforms that data into standardized, real-time KPIs. All data sources and dashboards are being synced hourly and provide up-to-date information on a company’s financial performance.

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SMBs, Growth Metrics

Free FP&A solution

Besides real-time standardized financial reporting, the invited company can continue using Calqulate for financial planning and analysis for free. Calqulate makes it easy to track business growth with interactive dashboards and seamless forecasting.

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Share data

Automated financial reporting

We believe that financial reporting should be actionable and easy-to-share. Once a company has been onboarded to Calqulate, they can easily share real-time financial data with multiple investors, lenders and accelerators in Calqulate and raise their next round.

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Want to provide your portfolio with real-time fundraising KPIs?