Staff Expenses@3x-1

Analyze and forecast your staff costs. Calqulate links your staff costs to cashflow forecasting and CAC calculations so that you can be ahead of whatever's coming.


Payroll Cashlow Forecasting

Forecast your staff costs, plan your cash runway and watch your business take off. Always know what’s up with your business and know well ahead of time when you need to raise more funding. Calqulate's employee cost forecast is automatically linked to cashflow forecasting:

  • Net salary payments
  • Insurance and social charge payments
  • Tax payments
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CAC Staff Costs by Department@3x

Customer Acquisition Costs

Forecast your Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value, and know when it's time to invest in growth. 

  • Connect any expenditure to CAC
  • Employee-specific CAC %
  • CAC per department
  • LTV to CAC ratio
  • Months to recover CAC


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Staff Cost settings@3x

Staff Cost Parameters

Use Calqulate's smart and intuitive staff cost forecast forms to analyze and forecast by Country, Department and Currency.

  • Add a custom payment delay to tax payments, net salaries and social charges
  • Link staff costs to Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Link staff costs to cashflow forecasting
Date Range Picker@2x

Seamless Forecasting

Calqulate's unique calendar view lets you seamlessly combine actual and forecasted numbers in all charts and in all dashboards.

  • Display actuals until a certain day
  • Seamless continuation of forecasted numbers
  • Combine 5 years of actuals and 5 years of forecasts in the same view
  • Great for Board and Investor reporting!
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